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Safietou Seck - Photo des apprenantes grow academy cohortes 3 et 4 - Photo call (57)_edite

grow academy

Tech academy for

girls with low or

no formal education

Through training cycles in local languages such as soft skills, mentoring, coding and business, young women with limited formal education learn how to launch their social, tech and/or sustainable micro-enterprises.


They become ambassadors of the program and mentors for the next generation of young women in their communities ... the giving back way.


Giving Back


Giving Back Days is a one-day activity of well-being, happiness and social growth for the most vulnerable groups combining tech, cultural, and live or online social leadership training sessions.


Giving Back Days program is an open invitation to donors, public and private sectors, NGOs to partner and to participate in community services.


Giving Back Days take place in France, the USA, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso.

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