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Sports Social


What NBA star Nikola Vucevic and former NBA players Guerschon Yabusele and Hamady Ndiaye have in common is how they have all joined a social movement that helped them once become who they are now. Them, and a hundred others.

1995. Babacar Sy - a 20 years old young Senegalese college student-athlete living in Paris - lost his 22-year-old sister tragically. She had left behind a brilliantly written social project based on knowledge transmittal. Babacar used his passion for basketball and his soon-to-be developed educational and sports global network to transform the concept into what is now an effective and sustainable social leadership program named 'Giving Back.

The last 20 years, through our sports for leadership programs and 10M$  of college scholarships, more than a hundred student-athletes became social leaders. These goodwill ambassadors have pledged to 'never forget where they come from ...' They are the organization's most active intrapreneurs by creating social development opportunities for the young generation thus keeping the concept sustainable.

Whether it is girls tech inclusion and vocational training, health or cultural programs, the ambassadors join forces to impact the world as much as they possibly can.

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