Giving Back is based in France, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and the USA, and holds activities and events in other countries. The activities are segmented in two main categories : sport for education (6 to 18 years old sports and study training academies) and sport for social inclusion (solidarity days and/or social/humanitarian tours in partnership with established local organizations).

Giving Back fights poverty using its sustainable global ecosystem of education, leadership, and sports training based scholarship programs. The program offers student-athletes a strong social leadership training core & curriculum implemented in every step for their development.


The young beneficiaries of the academies and scholarship system embody the ‘Never forget where you come from…’ motto and serve as the organization’s goodwill ambassadors, creating a sustainable chain of solidarity. They create social impact on some of the most vulnerable groups in 4 continents, focusing on child health and education, sustainable livelihood, women empowerment, and water sanitation.  

For one to understand the core of our innovation system, our founder’s journey has to be shared. It started in the early nineties, when Babacar Sy - a French Senegalese young college student and basketball coach - lost his older sister who was just on the verge of obtaining her Bachelor of Sociology degree.


All her life, she had been gifted with a special ability to write and create, and had developed a visionary project that she had left behind: foster, empower and develop local ecosystems that will allow self-sufficiency and profit communities. Inspired by what he calls the most valuable heritage he's ever had, Babacar blended his sister’s hopes with his mother’s daily recommendation: ‘Never forget where you come from…’ to create what will become a global organization: Giving Back.


For 20 years, Babacar has been offering a fair trade to young student-athletes from Europe, Africa and the US. ‘He told me: I will coach you on the court, mentor you off the court, get you a college scholarship in the US and then, it will be your turn to help other kids’ said Hamady Ndiaye, the current Giving Back president in the US, college graduate and elite basketball professional player.

With no resources, no budget attached, Babacar traveled the world, working two jobs on top of his college courses, and developed a network of sports decision makers interested in those inner city kids talents who were ready to take on the challenge.


After ups, downs, failures and successes, the results are impressive. More than a program, a system had been created: invest in youth leadership excellence by using their passion to develop powerful educated social change making champions and create a self-sufficient system.


As college graduates, sports professionals and executives from various fields that have benefited from the program we are now committed to lead this social venture with the same drive and dedication that we’ve witnessed for so many years.


In an attempt to honor his young sister's memory, 20 years old Babacar Sy transformed his grief into a powerful determination to make the world better.

The Giving Back system is based on training young men and women to create sustainable value for others. Its inspiration comes from the most ancient traditions in which the empowered empowers. 


Giving Back started with empowering student-athlete, giving them educational and leadership tools, so that they can become social leaders.

More than a 100 goodwill ambassadors serve as mentors, influencers, fundraisers, project managers in the sports for social inclusion Giving Back program.

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